Wednesday, May 9, 2007


My husband got fired today. I can't say it was a huge surprise. There has been a lot of turmoil at his workplace in recent months, and we've known for a while that his future there was probably short. Still, we weren't expecting it to happen today. I'm not afraid that we'll end up on the streets. We have a small financial cushion, and my husband is very resourceful when it comes to finding employment. He's not too proud to work at a menial job if we need the income. I love that about him. But tonight as I lay in bed trying to fall asleep, I found myself worrying about things like insurance. What if one of the kids gets sick or injured? Or Shannon's future job. Will it be enough to support us, or will I need to return to work to make ends meet? Can he find a job with a livable wage here, or will we have to relocate? I gave up on sleep and wandered into the living room. I saw my Bible laying on the desk, where I'd left it after Bible study this morning. I decided to work on next week's lesson, so I'm not scrambling around at the last minute trying to get it done. When I opened up the study, I realized that next week's lesson is on Hebrews 11. Heroes of the faith. As I began to read and answer the questions, my fears were taken away. By faith Noah built an ark, when it looked ridiculous to the rest of the world, and God took care of him. By faith, Abraham went to a strange land at God's direction. He offered his son as a sacrifice, trusting that God would somehow preserve his son's life. And God took care of him. By faith, people around the world have suffered and died. And by faith people around the world have witnessed the miracles of God. That thought comforts me. Yes, I will suffer. The Bible tells me that. Yet through it all, God will be walking alongside me, providing what I need, sometimes in ways that I can't begin to comprehend. And I will be blessed. Maybe not in material ways or in ways that the world would define as success. But I will be blessed, if only by an increase in my faith and a greater knowledge that God cares about me personally. Yes, God will take care of us. And when I truly let go and let my faith overcome my fear, it's kind of exciting to imagine what God has planned for us next. Time will tell. Related Tags: , ,

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Jordan said...

Faith is such a beautiful, strengthening thing! Faithless people always seem to ridicule those who believe without "logical proof," but those who believe can see the proof all around them. Because all things testify of Christ.

I was laid off in December and ended up getting a much better job--more money, fewer hours. You'll make it!