Friday, May 25, 2007

Last Day of School

Yesterday was Sam's last day of preschool for the year. As I reflect back on the year, I am amazed at how much he has changed. When the year started last September, Sam was behind in his speech, and at times I couldn't even understand what he was saying. Now he speaks clearly, and he's starting to read! I am so thankful that his first year at school was a good experience for him. It has set the foundation for a long-term love of school. His teachers had a lot to do with that. They were always positive and encouraging with him. I'd just like to thank teachers everywhere for the work they do. I know oftentime teachers are underpaid and overworked. Yet they continue to do their jobs with enthusiasm and love for their students. Teachers, next to parents, often have the biggest impact on our kids that any adult will have in our kids' school-age years. Teachers can make or break a child's love for learning, and my children's teachers have done a great job of fostering that love of learning. So thank you to all you teachers out there. And parents, don't forget to thank your children's teachers before the school year is over.

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