Thursday, June 21, 2007

I need to lose weight

I've known this for a while now. I'm not morbidly obese or anything, but my tummy and thighs have been growing bigger since Sam was born 4 years ago. I thought you were supposed to LOSE weight after having a baby! The clincher came tonight as I was outside talking to my neighbor. My neighbors are from a different country, and I know there are cultural differences as far as what questions are appropriate to ask. I was still flabbergasted, though, when my neighbor asked if I had gained weight! I know for sure it's time to get serious about losing the extra pounds! Now I need a specific plan. I have a membership to the YMCA, but I haven't been working out. I'm thinking about going after my husband gets home from work in the evenings, so I don't have to pay extra for childcare. Then there's my diet. It isn't horrendous, but I do need to make some changes. I think the Dr. Pepper has to go out the window, as does my coffee with extra cream and sugar. No more stops at Dutch Brothers while I'm out running errands, either. Beyond that, I have many options. Should I do the South Beach Diet? Weight Watchers? Just exercise more and count calories? (That's how my husband lost 50 lbs). Does anyone have any other thoughts? Helpful advice? Until Shannon gets back from his business trip, I guess I'll just pull out my old Walk Away the Pounds dvds.


Kandy Seaton Smith said...

If I were you (I've seen your recent picture with the bike, and you're NOT huge), I'd just go with exercise and eating healthier for now. I was AMAZED at how my body toned up after starting work last winter...I mean, I'd lost a ton of weight from the cancer battle, but I was still flabby and even though I was 125 pounds, I was wearing a size 12. I started working, and only lost 2-3 more pounds, but the inches just melted away. I also started eating 3 meals a day instead of just once a day or so, and that seemed to help too.

You know, they DO make diet Dr. Pepper ;)

Kandy Seaton Smith said...

What I was getting at about me going back to boosted my metabolism or something...and I think exercise would boost yours. Heck, use that new bike woman!

Lynnae said...

Yeah about that bike....Jim lost the keys to the bike lock. LOL I'm waiting for him to come home to find them.

I am going to exercise though. Next week is VBS, so there's 5 mornings I have free to get to the YMCA. And then Jim agreed that it would be good for me to workout after he gets home from work. has some cool features, too. And it's free!

carrie said...

lynnae dearie, Weight Watchers is a great option. You still eat NORMAL food but it's all about portion control and you learn that some of the stuff you can switch to fat free/sugar free. For example, diet dr pepper is ok for you and it tastes PRETTY close to regular, I even like it and I hate most diet sodas. Also for your coffee there is a NUMMY sugar free/fat free one by International Creamers, it's in the dairy section it has to be fridged...but they offer it in French Vanilla and in Hazelnut...YUMMMMM....also for butter I like the Pam butter spray. Fat free and you can use it on popcorn ;) I make air popped popcorn and spray on that and it's sooo nummy and very lowfat ;)

Lynnae said...

Thanks for the tips, Carrie. I'm having a good time tracking my nutrition at right now, so I think I'll stick with that for now. Thanks for the head's up on the coffee creamer. I stuck 600 calories worth of creamer in my two cups of coffee today. Yep, that bad habit needs to go.

I love Diet Dr. Pepper, and it does taste a lot like the real thing, but anything diet aggravates my IBS, so I think I just need to kick the soda habit all together. It's not good for me anyway.